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We are an action group made up of Councillors and residents of Farsley that has been formed for the sole purpose of opposing the planning application by Thornhill Estates to develop Kirklees Knowl.
Whilst we accept there is a shortage of housing both affordable and private within the UK, in this instance we concur with the Local Planning Authority that the release of Kirklees Knowl for housing development is premature and is contrary to UDP policy N34.
The Leeds Planners Local Development Framework has been submitted this year (2013) and it clearly demonstrates a five year housing supply without the need for  such a gargantuan development proposed for the village of Farsley.

When Kirklees Knowl was first removed from the Green Belt and designated as PAS land, reserved for possible future housing needs, it was over twenty years ago. Since that time we have had significant developments in NW Leeds and we continue to see developers maximising infill sites and brownfield sites to provide our housing needs. With the plans passed for the proposed Clariant brownfield development, we will soon have 400 houses utilising the local road network and services all within a mile of the proposed development.
Surely the purpose of the Leeds Local Development Framework in providing a five year housing supply, is to incorporate the significant spatial development changes that have occurred within the last 20 years ?

As Councillor Andrew Carter has been quoted as saying;

"PAS land should not be brought forward without an agreed Core Strategy, which provides the council and communities the chance to have their say over where development should take place. If the house builders get away with this they will have made a mockery of a plan-led system, of localism, of community engagement and of elected councillors having an input.

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